Surfing the websites anonymously and shield your identity and security, our proxy site allows you to browse over internet with no hesitate about other people knowing what you've surfed and from where. Shield your online web identity by typing the LINK (website address) into the box and click the GO button. Our Proxy website will hide your system IP address and permit you to bypass filters at office, school, work place, and anywhere in the world.

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What is a web proxy server?

A proxy is a extraordinary web server that works as an mediator between you and the website which you are going to browse. When you surf via a proxy, your web browser only "consult" to the proxy server and the website. This has to be done by following main implications:

1. The website being accessed in internet has no knowledge of your system IP address. Thus it becomes hard for the websites to recognize and follow you.

2. Most programmed systems targets to check/adjust users' traffic (such as the notorious Internet filters) detect the "unwanted" traffic by matching the webserver you are linking to against some black list. Using a proxy leads you bypass these checks (as now you are technically linking to a different server) building it the easiest restriction circumvention instrument out there.